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Lisam Nederland B.V. helps you find a natural balance between laws and regulations and your core business

Working on your safety, chemistry, health and safety and the environment!

You work with hazardous substances. As a manufacturer, importer, carrier / carrier or perhaps as a user. One thing is certain: you are dealing with a seemingly endless set of laws and rules. But can you comply with all those rules? Do you have the time, the knowledge and the right people in-house? Do you always have everything up to date? LISAM is happy to help you. That’s how you keep it practical!

Complete or partial package

LISAM can take everything off your hands in the field of safety, chemistry, health and safety and the environment. We are happy to think along with you! For example, when it comes to:


SDS & Labels


Chemical management

Cosmetics registration


Education and training

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With the right software, you can make the management of hazardous substances a lot more user-friendly. Lisam has also been using the best software packages in the market for years. We use it ourselves, but can also train you in its use. LISAM is a distributor or reseller (and also frequent user) of the following 3 software packages:

  • Publichem
  • Chemspector


Project Management

Maybe you already do a lot yourself in this area and you only need support in a specific area of safety, chemistry, health and safety and the environment. Then you can also contact us. You can enable LISAM for various tasks, such as:

  • Consultancy work for quality, health and safety and the environment (QHSE)
  • For example, drawing up your MSDS, including labels and labels (according to REACH and CLP)
  • Setting up the management of all chemicals in your company
  • Registering cosmetics; creating Product Information Files, INCI labeling and notification
  • As a safety advisor (for example, if you are legally obliged to appoint one)
  • Ensuring all your legally required registrations
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Measure ExESS®

ExESS® software is built on Microsoft .NET technology and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, for easy and quick implementation. It offers specialized modules designed for the chemical, fragrances, cosmetics, detergents & gas verticals—in partnership with leading industry associations.

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Meet the team

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Danielle Jager

Managing Director Lisam Nederland B.V. Exess Distributor

Daniëlle is a real all-rounder. Her specializations:

  • Distributor Lisam ExESS
  • Feed back about the functionalities of Lisam ExESS
  • Applying for an environmental permit (old environmental permit) (HSE)
  • QHSE/ HSE advice
  • Chemical management
  • CLP and REACH advice
  • ADR and VLG advisor

More about Daniëlle de Jager

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Irma Klumper

Finance & Business Manager

Irma is responsible for the financial administration of Lisam NL. You can also contact her for planning and organizing ExESS training courses. In addition, Irma specializes in:

  • UFI / PCN
  • Publichem

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SDS Customer Support

Tineke Prikken specialises in:

  • Lisam ExESS
  • Msds
  • CLP calculations
  • Provide business support regarding hazardous materials laws and regulations (HSE)

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Isil Teoman

Consultant Cosmetic Regulation

Isil Teoman specialises in:

  • Drawing up Product Information Files (PIF’s) or product safety files according to EU cosmetics regulations
  • Notification of cosmetic products on the CPNP portal
  • Advice on substances in cosmetics, what is/is not allowed in the EU?
  • Advice on claims and substances that must be mentioned on the label of a cosmetic product

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Marielle Zielman

SDS Customer Support

Mariëlle Zielman is a specialist in the field of:

  • Lisam ExESS
  • Msds
  • CLP calculations

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