Lisam Nederland B.V. helps you find a natural balance between laws and regulations and your core business

Danielle Jager

Managing Director
Exess Distributor

Daniƫlle de Jager (CV) started in 2006 with Lisam Nederland B.V.. Her objective? Advising small and medium-sized enterprises on the environment and safety. The field of activity soon expanded to the sale and implementation of supporting software for SDSs/ MSDS. (safety data sheets) and chemical management. Lisam Nederland B.V. is distributor of Lisam ExESS.

Danielle’s motive is still the same. She wants to keep companies up to date and help them apply laws and regulations in a natural way. She sees every company as a new challenge!

Daniƫlle is a real all-rounder. Her specializations:

  • Distributor Lisam ExESS
  • Feed back about the functionalities of Lisam ExESS
  • Applying for an environmental permit (old environmental permit) (HSE)
  • QHSE/ HSE advice
  • Chemical management
  • CLP and REACH advice
  • ADR and VLG advisor

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