Lisam Nederland B.V. – your safety advisor

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If you are transporting, loading or unloading dangerous goods, you will need a safety advisor. You don’t have to employ him. You can also hire one. Lisam Nederland B.V. is a certified Safety Advisor for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR).

As a safety advisor, we can:

  • Verifying compliance with ADR rules
  • Prepare an annual report
  • In the event of accidents, draw up an accident report for management and government
  • Implementing corrective measures

PGS15 in practice

Lisam Nederland B.V. makes an inventory of which type of substances/products are present in your company, in what quantities, belonging to which hazard classes and which measures you should take in this regard. So that it can be checked whether you comply with the rules of PGS15, the guidelines for (temporary) storage of packaged dangerous goods.

You can leave the implementation of these measures to us.

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