Chemicals in the home? Then REACH too!

Chemistry and REACH go hand in hand. It’s a matter of good organisation. With Lisam Nederland B.V.. This saves you costs!
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Of course, you know that working with chemicals entails additional obligations. REACH also sounds familiar to you. But what exactly should you do in terms of chemical management? What does REACH mean in concrete terms in your case? Lisam Nederland B.V., specialist in the regulation of chemical substances, explains it.

Chemical management

Chemical management is the way you deal with the hazardous substances in your company. The starting point is REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. For example, if you produce or import adhesives, paints or inks, you will find in REACH what you need to register. Safety data sheets (VIB/ MSDS or e-SDS) and exposure scenarios also come into play here!

Benefits for you!

A good chemical management system gives you several advantages:

  • A good, namely systematic(!), implementation of REACH within your business process
  • Fewer errors and therefore cost-effective!
  • Measurable objectives
  • An automatic continuous improvement process of your business process!
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Lisam Nederland B.V. is knowledgeable

Need help? With Lisam Nederland B.V. you get a broad network and a wealth of experience. We work closely with companies in the paint and printing ink industry, the glue and sealant industry, the cosmetic and cleaning products industry and dentists. Again and again we are triggered by the specific exposure risks of each individual case. We know how to combine that with the knowledge we have in-house!

What can Lisam Nederland B.V. do for you?

You can engage Lisam Nederland B.V. for, among other things:

Supporting software

Lisam Nederland B.V. is also a distributor and partner of various supporting software programs in this area:

During a REACH/CLP session or a tailor-made course , we teach you how to work with it. This way you will also feel familiar with chemical management!

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