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How do I classify my products according to the CLP? What do I need to know about the storage of hazardous substances? In what sense do I have to comply with REACH? And if I want to transport dangerous goods, what should I do?

Who is responsible for the management?

The handling of hazardous substances regularly raises (new) questions, both in the field of health and safety, the environment and safety. Practice shows that at many companies, many people do know ‘something’ about health and safety, the environment and safety. They do it in addition to the other many tasks. But who exactly is responsible for what?

Lisam Netherlands opts for project-based approach

Lisam Nederland stands for clear and balanced lines. We strive for a clear division of tasks and unambiguous system design. We are your project manager, safety advisor and/or coordinator in one. This is how we bring your projects to a successful conclusion, for example in the field of:

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    • REACH
      After a short, interactive REACH session (approx. four hours), you will get a first start for an action plan. From there we continue to work together.
    • CLP
      Lisam Nederland provides the Safety Data Sheets (SDB), also known as SDS and e-SDS. Want to know more yourself? During a CLP session, it becomes clear what to do how.
  • Safety Advisor
    Do you legally need a safety advisor, but do you prefer to put it down externally? Lisam Nederland does it for you on a project basis or fixed number of audit days per year.
  • Safe transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR and VLG)
    Lisam Nederland is a certified ADR advisor and arranges all formalities for the safe transport of dangerous goods by road in good time for you.
  • Register of dangerous substances
    Lisam Nederland helps to complete the register of hazardous substances for your company.
  • Substance screening
    Do the products contain substances that are prohibited, have rectrictions or involve risks? We help you check whether the products contain substances that are prohibited or risky.
  • Purchase and implementation of software
    With software, the management of hazardous substances becomes a lot easier, as with Lisam Exess. We can tell you from experience what really works well.
  • Training and coaching
    Lisam Nederland trains you and/or your people, coaches them and guides them. This way, health and safety, health and safety actually get a natural place in your company!

Curious about what Lisam Nederland can do for you in concrete terms? We offer our tailor-made services.

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