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Software such as Lisam ExESS, Publichem and Chemspector offer guidance in your management of hazardous substances. Ask Lisam Netherlands!


With the right software, you can make the management of hazardous substances a lot more user-friendly. Lisam Nederland B.V. has also been using the best software packages in the market for years. We use it ourselves, but can also train you in how to use it. For example, take a look at:

Lisam Nederland offers (and is also a frequent user of) the following software packages:

Lisam Exess

With LISAM ExESS you can easily create safety data sheets. You can also easily inventory, report and manage hazardous substances in Lisam ExESS. Not only for the Dutch market! The program also takes into account the rules on the foreign market and automatically translates your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) into 52 languages! Read more

Do you make or work a lot with cosmetic products? With Chessol, for example, you can create your Cosmetic Product Information Files (PIF). You can also create an IFRA report or perform a CPNP notification. Read more


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Lisam Nederland also has knowledge and also uses the following software to perform exposure risk calculations:

Chemrade/Stoffenmanager/ Ecotoc TRA
ChemRADE, Stoffenmanager and Ecotoc Tra are practical tools for determining the risks of exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. Any hazardous substances data that has already been registered with Lisam ExESS can be uploaded into this software so that exposure risk calculations can be made quickly. This allows you to comply with the 4-step plan of SZW.



Experience with a lot of software

What works conveniently? With which software do you really cover everything? Which data is reliable? Where do you get your data from? Lisam Nederland is happy to answer these questions. Thanks to our years of experience, we know what works for you!

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