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Software like Lisam ExESS and ChemADVISOR offer
guidance in your management of hazardous substances.
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LISAM ExESS is known for its user-friendliness. And the program covers every load. For anyone who wants to fulfil their obligations in the field of hazardous substances, LISAM ExESS offers a solution. Also for you! LISAM ExESS bundles all your obligations in the field of environment, health and safety (Environment, Health & Safety – EH&S). What you can do with it?

LISAM ExESS – The tool for hazardous substances

With LISAM ExESS you can inventory, report and manage your hazardous substances in an efficient and simple way. This way you can:

  • Prepare safety data sheets (SDS, SDS, SDS, e-SDS), taking into account the rules of REACH, EU-GHS/CLP
  • Automatically translate your SDSs into all EU languages and a number of others
  • Print your labels according to EU GHS/CLP (in all EU languages)
  • Prepare your ADR classification and transport documents
  • Managing your chemicals
  • Keep track of your quantity management (volume tracking according to REACH)
  • Performing your risk analyses

In addition, LISAM ExESS easily lends itself to linking to, for example, Microsoft Office or your existing computer systems such as an ERP system.

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We are distributor and coach of LISAM ExESS

Lisam Nederland B.V. has been working with LISAM ExESS for years. We have good experiences with it and have been an authorized distributor of the program for ten years. We can build the LISAM ExESS programme in a modular way. We adapt the content to your wishes and budget. You can count on customization. And before you get started, we train you and your employees. This way you can benefit optimally from LISAM ExESS!

Distribution of Safety Data Sheets with LISAM Publichem

With Lisam Publichem, a module that you can link to ExESS, you can distribute the safety data sheets (SDS, MSDS and e-SDS) fully automatically. Your update will also be arranged automatically. A web-based interface is possible! Lisam Nederland B.V. is happy to tell you more about it!

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Let us implement the software

Would you like to use lisam ExESS’s® knowledge platform within your company in the chemical industry? Or are you looking for a company that can implement it for you? We are happy to help you as an ADR safety advisor. We use our knowledge for you to effectively apply the software in your company in order to make the processes run more efficiently. Want to know more? Fill in our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. It is also possible to call us on 0529 820211 or send an e-mail to

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