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Every company needs a good QHSE care system. In this way, you guarantee compliance with all guidelines in the field of Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment (KAM). What is in the QHSE care system, of course, depends on the company. Are you in the ink or paint industry? Do you produce or work a lot with cleaning products? Or does cosmetics play a major role in your business? In any case, safety is always central. You look carefully at the working conditions (arbo) and the environment. But how do you ensure, for example, that your employees can work safely? And how do you concretely prevent yourself from polluting the environment?

A tailor-made QHSE care system

There is no one solution that applies to everyone. Nor is a QHSE care system that is ever definitively ready. After all, the laws and regulations are different for every work area and are also constantly changing. For many SMEs – perhaps also for you – it is therefore impossible to ‘add to it’. Lisam Nederland B.V. is happy to do it for you!

QHSE in practice

Lisam Nederland B.V. creates clarity. We list the laws and regulations for you and clearly map out how you can implement these guidelines in practice. It is up to you whether you then pick it up yourself or deposit it with Lisam Nederland B.V. For example, we may:

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Lisam Netherlands – your QHSE project manager

Do you prefer to pour the whole thing into a concrete project? Lisam Nederland B.V. is happy to think along with you and takes care of the complete project management for you! This way you make time for the things you are good at!

Ask for the possibilities

Would you like to receive more information about the QHSE care system and do you want to know what you need to do within your organization for this? We are happy to tell you more. We also offer various software from Lisam with which you can arrange everything neatly. Fill in our form for a demo request and we will inform you about the possibilities. In addition, we also offer various training courses so that you and your team can get started with the QHSE system. Call us on 0529 820211 or send an e-mail to Danielle.deJager@lisam.com if you have any questions.

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