Safety data sheets for dangerous substances

Software like Lisam ExESS and ChemADVISOR offer
guidance in your management of hazardous substances.
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Do you know exactly how to create safety data sheets to report hazardous substances? Lisam Nederland B.V. offers you a training program, so that you use the software in a good way. You will also start working with safety data sheets in the right way.

Create safety data sheets to report hazardous substances

Hazardous substances must be reported to the central point. You do this on the basis of a safety data sheet. A safety data sheet is a structured document containing information on the risks of a dangerous substance or preparation. The recommendations for their safe use at work are also included in this MSDS. Are you working with your company in the chemical industry and are you looking for a partner who specializes in Lisam for the creation of safety data sheets for hazardous substances? We help you further and provide you with software and an online platform for knowledge and implementation for the work in your company. We also offer assistance with a tailor-made QHSE care system.

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We provide training on Lisam’s software and take care of the installation, configuration and interface of ERP packages. Would you like to know more about safety data sheets for hazardous substances, or would you like to participate in these training courses? Then simply contact us by filling in the contact form . Then our employees will tell you more about the possibilities. In addition, it is possible to call us on 0529 820211 or send an e-mail to

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