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Do you process hazardous substances? The end user wants to read it. On SDS labels. How? Ask Lisam Nederland B.V.
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VIBs and SDSs tell you what to do!

A picture is worth a thousand words. And it saves time… That is why we use symbols to indicate dangerous substances. On Safety Data Sheets (SDS), on labels and labels and workplace instruction cards (WICs). But which symbols should you use and when? What else do you need to report? How do you classify a mixture? Lisam Netherlands knows the answer!

Your Safety Data Sheets in order

One thing is certain, as soon as you process hazardous substances from the CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging), you must draw up Safety Data Sheets (SDS). VIB is also known as:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets – SDS
  • Extended Safety Data Sheets – e-SDS (New! Focused on exposure scenarios.)

Lisam ExESS supports

In the software program Lisam ExESS you will find all the information you need to set up VIB, SDS. Lisam Netherlands can help you with this:

  • Lisam Netherlands does it for you
    We can draw up the safety data sheets for you. In all desired languages! Do you want the product in eg. If you sell Germany, you must also include SDSs in German that also comply with German regulations.

This applies to every country. Also for 12 regions outside Europe such as USA, South Africa, Japan, etc.!

  • You do it yourself, Lisam Netherlands supports
    Do you prefer to make your SDSs yourself? Then you can learn how Lisam ExESS works at Lisam Netherlands. We implement ExESS and provide courses to learn how to work with ExESS. Since we also work with the software ourselves, we can support you at all times.

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What’s on your labels and labels?

But what is on such a VIB, SDS or WIK? Divided over sixteen sections, you describe what the user needs to know for his own safety. This concerns, for example:

  • GHS symbols, such as flame symbol or dead tree/dead fish symbol
  • Classification according to CLP (Classification Labelling and Packaging) regulations
  • H and P phrases in all EU languages
  • The product contains the following chemicals
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Storage and Transport
  • ADR classification and classification for transport
  • Firefighting first aid measures

And in the end, of course, this includes labels and labels. With symbols! Do you want to be sure that you have everything complete and correct? The Lisam Netherlands team is happy to help you!

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