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Downstream users and importers in the supply chain of products containing hazardous mixtures are required to comply with UFI. But what exactly is UFI and what do you need to do to stick to it? We are happy to tell you more about that.

UFI label element requirement for hazardous substances now available in Lisam ExESS®

UFI stands for Unique Formula Indentifier and is mandatory via Annex VIII CLP (Eu 2017/542). This states that your company in the chemical industry must label the products with a hazardous mixture for which there are health or physical hazards. You must then pass on specific product information of the product to poison centers. For this, it is best to use the software of Lisam ExESS®. This is because UFI generator software is integrated with which you create UFI codes. The software has been specially created so that you inform Poison Centre in time.

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Create unique codes for your products via Lisam ExESS®’ UFI generator so that you always notify changes in time at the poison control centre. We are especially there for companies in the chemical industry that are looking for a partner who specializes in this software and implementing an online platform for knowledge within the work of your company. Please contact us as a hazardous materials advisor for more information. Fill in our contact form , call us on 0529 820211 or send an e-mail to Danielle.deJager@lisam.com.

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