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Software like Lisam ExESS and ChemADVISOR offer
guidance in your management of hazardous substances.
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A safety advisor is essential when you ship hazardous substances within your company. For this you call in an ADR safety advisor. What does this advisor do and why do you need this for your company? We are happy to tell you more about that.

An ADR advisor for the transport of dangerous goods

Whether you occasionally or regularly transport dangerous goods, offer them for transport, trade or have them in process: engaging an ADR safety advisor is mandatory for these companies. This obligation is laid down in the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), rail (RID) and inland waterway (ADN). An ADR safety advisor performs various tasks. Think of:

  • Checking compliance with the rules
  • Drawing up an annual report for the management
  • In the event of an accident, report this in writing to management
  • Advising a company on their work
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Call in an ADR safety advisor

The ADR safety advisor is an expert in the field of regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Are you looking for an ADR safety advisor for the transport of dangerous goods? Or do you want to learn yourself as an advisor to take prevention and safety measures regarding the transport of dangerous goods? Our company will help you!

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At Lisam Nederland B.V. you will find various Lisam software packages with which you can easily manage safety information and the QHSE care system in the workplace from a centralized database. In addition, we provide training courses on the use of the software about, among other things, UFI and we inform you about which advisor you best use for the transport of dangerous goods. Fill in the contact form for more information! In addition, you can call 0529 820211, or send an e-mail to Danielle.deJager@lisam.com.

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