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Software like Lisam ExESS and ChemADVISOR offer
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Working with chemicals entails additional obligations, which makes it important to receive PCN advice and to possibly follow a training course. Do you want advice on the implementation of software such as Lisam, generating and managing UFI codes and doing PCN registrations? We’ll help you.

Receive PCN advice and follow a training course

PCN stands for Poison Centres Notification and this format uses information requirements in your PCN file. This means that as a producer of chemical compositions, you must indicate the exact concentrations or concentration ranges for both the hazardous and non-hazardous components according to UFI. This is a complicated process, especially if you have no experience with it. We therefore give you tailor-made PCN advice and offer training for software use. Here we show how to create an MSDS and how to register hazardous substances at central point.

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Is your company looking for a knowledge platform or an organization that implements software that adds value to your organization? Our company offers you Lisam in which we make business processes more efficient and therefore more effective. Would you like more information about the PCN advice we offer and the corresponding training we provide? Contact us by calling 0529 820211 or sending an e-mail to Danielle.deJager@lisam.com and we will inform you about the possibilities. You can also reach us via the contact form.

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