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A material safety data sheet (MSDS), also known as a safety data sheet, is a document that describes the hazards of a hazardous substance or mixture. It also contains advice on how to work safely with it. Do you have to draw up an MSDS, but don’t know exactly how? At Lisam Nederland B.V. we help you further.

Draw up an MSDS and complete safety data sheets according to the set requirements

It is important to know that drawing up an MSDS is legally required for you as a producer, importer or mixer of hazardous substances. However, drawing up an MSDS is not an easy job and there are many regulations about the information that must be in the safety data sheets. Think of the chemical composition of the product, the required personal protective equipment and requirements regarding transport and disposal. The many regulations make it a complicated and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there is Lisam ExESS®: the software with which you can arrange all matters related to chemicals. More and more companies are opting for this software, with which you will soon also draw up your own safety data sheets .

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Follow a training or purchase the software

At Lisam Nederland B.V. we offer a training program for the software use of Lisam and you will learn in practice how to create safety data sheets and labels . We will work with your team to go through all the ins and outs of this advanced software. Would you like to know more about drawing up an MSDS or about how to correctly create safety data sheets using our software? Then simply contact us by calling 0529 820211, sending an e-mail to or filling in our contact form .

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